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JL's Scrap Tip of the Day Commercial & Industrial Services

We Pick Up Metals of Any Kind - Call 248-721-0700

We purchase:
Ferrous metals:
Steel, Cast Iron, Machinery Scrap, Stampings, Borings, Trimmings, Plate and Structural Steel, Heavy melt and other types of ferrous metals.

Non-ferrous metals:
Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Bronze, Nickel Alloys, Stainless Steel, Precious Metals, Lead and much more.

We serve:
Utilities, Industrial, Demolition, Electrical Contractors, Home and Business Renovators, OEM Suppliers, Tool and Die Makers, Mechanical: Heating and Cooling Contractors, Auto Repair Shops, National and Local Retail Chains. Any type of industry that generates quantities of metal scrap and would like to earn money instead of filling landfills can be served by JL Scrap.

National retailers have us pickup metal scrap from their stores: discarded shopping carts, used and broken metal shelving, packing strapping. Auto repair shops generate metal scrap: batteries, automotive parts, brakes and brake pads, transmission systems, exhaust systems, discarded wheels, body parts and much more. OEM suppliers and metal fabricators may have us pickup and pay them for stampings, borings, trimmings, parts with manufacturing errors, even discarded metal storage shelving or crates they use in production. Commercial renovators may use us for discarded steel used in construction, removal of discarded metal equipment, anything large or small that is made of metal can be purchased by us and help avoid hauling costs and landfill fees. Have JL Scrap pay you for scrap metal. Don't pay to haul it away.

JL Scrap's Commercial & Industrial services division handles large collection projects, recurring monthly pickups, factory equipment removal, manufacturing yard cleanups and more.

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